Everbest uses only nature's premium (Identify Preserved Non-GMO) soybeans to produce soya bean curd and soy-based products for people of all ages, races and cultures who want to simply seek for exciting food with full of nutritional value and wholesome goodness.
Lo Sam 
Specialising in soft or firm pasteurised tofu, grass jelly and frozen puff tofu in vacuumed packed trays and tubes.
Hiang Kee 
Hiang Kee (He-yang Kee - Hokkien pronunciation, Heong Kay - Cantonese Pronunciation) is made only from ingredients of plant origin.  Hiang Kee products do not contain any chemical preservatives or artificial colouring and are hygienically manufactured and packed in vacuum-sealed packages.  Hiang Kee vegetarian food come in a variety of well-loved traditional flavours that even non-vegetarians will find delicious.
Green Farm
Green Farm is of the pioneer companies in the production of Vegetarian (meat- free) food, producing healthy and hygienic vegetarian foods to meet the demanding palates and needs of all vegetarians and others.
Manufacturing their range of roti parathas, ice blocks, steamed buns and other Asian-styled tapas.

Sing Long 
Sing Long manufactures foodstuffs including instant local desserts, chilli sauces, pastes, and meal ingredients.

Heng's started with producing Malacca's famous 'Teochew Satay Sauce' gravy and specialty of 'Flounder Fish Powder','Crispy Prawn Chili Sauce' and 'Crispy Fish Chili Sauce'.All our products have been certified HALAL and we are a HACCP certified company for "Production of Sauces, Pastes and Dried Seasoning Powder"

Specialising in quality bird's nest, cordyceps and essences.

Happy Grass

Specialises in dessert powder, guilinggao, konnyaku, pudding powder, pudding moulds.

Other brands we carry but are not limited to:

Nestle & Nescafe
B&W Coffee and Root Beer
Nest Kingdom Bird's Nest Concentrate
Maggi Noodles & Sauces
Golden Champ
Happy Grass
Uncle Sun
Roka Cup Noodles
Cheong Kim Chuan
Chen Seng Peanuts
Old Village
Old Town Coffee Range
Chek Hup Coffee Range
BIHO Noodles
GlucosCare Tea
Lot 100

Ban Hock Confectionery
Myojo Noodles
London & Apollo Cakes
Miaow Miaow and Bika Crackers
Spring Home Pastries
Ocean Ria Fish Products
Fatihah Roti
Top Gourmet
Heng's sauces, pastes
Teoh Kim Chye Vegetarian Soy Protein
Stayfree & Carefree
Bic Razors & Blades
'Super' Cloths and Scourers

...and more!