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This Month’s Lucky Draw Winner (幸运得奖者)

Congratulations member 0805– Jerry, you’ve just won yourself a $20 E-PACS discount voucher! We will contact you shortly.

恭喜会员编号0805 的会员 Jerry 成为我们12月份的幸运儿,您赢取了E-PACS $20 购物礼券。

E-PACS’ Member Points System

Now you can see your points balance at the bottom of your shopping receipt.  Points expire in 1 year.  So now you can keep track of your points and redeem $50 worth of shopping once you’ve reached 1000 points!


Did you know that as an E-PACS member, if you purchase 1 full carton of a product, you could receive 10% discount on non-specials?  For example, the GlucosCare Tea has 20 boxes per carton.  If you purchase 20 boxes, you could receive 10% off.  If you purchase a tray of 24 cans of Coke or Sprite or Green Tea, you could also receive 10% discount.


Join our membership in store!  Spend an initial $20 or more at our store to sign up and start earning points


* E-PACS staff has the right to refuse discount purchases without a valid member number provided. Maximum points redeemable per transaction is per 1000 points.

* 备注:请切记随身携带您的会员卡或记录好您的会员编号以便确认,否则我们有权利不给予优惠折扣。会员积分兑换只限为每1000分计算。

E-PACS Website & Facebook Page网页&面子书分享)

“Like” our page so that you will be the first to aware any updating news from E-PACS Supermart from time to time.

您是我们面子书的粉丝了吗?欢迎游览 然后点击“Like”加入粉丝团, 您就可以优先知道最新资讯啦 

January 2017 Demo in E-PACS :

1) 7th January 2017

2) 21st January 2017

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